Allicorn is a coder, composer and artist currently based in Bristol, UK.

For years I worked at successful British games studio PuppyGames where we made a bunch of well received arcade games. But because there's never enough time for all the creativity that needs doing, when I'm not working on PuppyGames projects, I'm developing even more games under the banner Allicorn Games, when I get time.

These days my main job is Unity VR/AR and mobile development for agencies. Need a Unity expert with proven years of track record? Get in touch!

Allicorn Games' first title, Heckabomb is an explosive twin-stick shooter.

The Heckabomber is a doomsday weapon, the only thing that survived the destruction of your home planet by the alien armada. Loaded with devastating planet-destroying bombs, you'll rampage across the Universe. Seek out enemy worlds to obliterate, crush their defenders, crack their planet and harvest the remains for construction materials to upgrade your ship.

Meanwhile over at Puppygames, I led development of our epic, semi-procedural, post-apocalyptic rogue-lite: Basingstoke. It's out now on Steam, Humble, Gog,

It was a massive 4 year project with gorgeous art by Chaz Willetts and trademark Puppygames humour. You can feed exploding sausage rolls to alien monsters and make zombies barf themselves to death with a weed-killer blowdart. There are hundreds of toys to craft and discover, check it out.

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